The Skillful Shopper Antiques
  • SOLD! Custom-Made Ambrosia Maple & Re-Claimed Steel Organic Modern "Soho" Bar


    Custom-made Ambrosia Maple & Re-Claimed steel "SoHo" Bar. The Skillful Shopper present's our "SoHo" bar. Beautiful Ambrosia maple and re-claimed steel from an old fish tank. We love re-claiming items to conserve the environment and build sturdy, beautiful things. Go Green with this perfectly organic modern apartment or galley kitchen sized bar, specifically made for a smaller space and a small budget. This is a solid structure, made with love. We are accepting orders, can make with any wood you prefer and either painted or natural finishes. Prices vary on wood choices and additional add-on's.

    **Customer's can choose - wood preference, sizing, and additional details. Can be painted wood or organic. Inquire.

    DIMENSIONS: H - 31" x L - 34 x D - 14.5"