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  • SOLD! Discontinued Set of 96 Pieces Romantica Kairom White Ribbed Scalloped Dishware


    A discontinued set of 96 pieces Romantica pattern is Kairom white ribbed scalloped dishware. All white, ribbed, scalloped. Traditional or modern either way, any time of year, any occasion, this is a beautiful set! (1988-2004). 13 dinner plates 10.5,inches 12 salad plates 8 inches 12 dessert plates 6 inches 12 cups 12 saucers Six espresso cups six saucers Soup six bowls, six saucers with handles 4.5 inches One cream One sugar One gravy boat One serving bowl 10 inches One oval platter 14 inches One oval platter 16 inches One round platter 13 inches One tureen 10 inches One coffee pot 9 inches One tea pot 9 inches One espresso pot 9 inches.