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  • SOLD! W or M Retro Vintage Mid-Century Deco Modern Madmen Cool Ashtrays

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    $50 each

    ON SALE: $19.99 each

    W or M retro vintage deco modern cool ashtrays. Even if you are not a smoker -- you can recycle this look with candy, serving dishes/peanuts/sushi/olives or use them as coaster's. Global Warming Peeps let's re-cycle and re-use. Or if you are a puffer -- these are Retro from the olden golden days 1950s Madmen style.

    "During the 1950s and 1960s, small personal ashtrays were part of a table setting, commonly placed on the top right-hand side, behind the wine and water glasses. An accompanying item, the silent butler, would be used to collect ashes from the ashtrays, rather than carrying the ashtrays to a trashcan."

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